Noel Morton Summary 1982 for In-House Booklet

Full name Noel Robert Morton

Born 13 December 1960

Senior clubs Claremont
Family links (Sons) Mitch’ Jarryd and Cale Morton
A tough, no nonsense defender or ruck-rover who attacked the ball vigorously and with considerable effectiveness, Noel Morton gave sterling service to the Claremont Football Club in 171 games between 1979 and 1988. One of the Tigers’ best in their 1981 Grand Final defeat of South Fremantle, he captained the side in 1984 and 1985. By no means the most glamorous member of Claremont’s star-studded 1980s line-up, Morton nevertheless almost invariably used the ball effectively, and was a key player in the coaching plans of first, Graham Moss, and secondly Gerard Neesham.

Played between 1979 and 1988. Played 171 games scoring 36 Goals