Mobil Cards and Albums  1964, 1965 and 1971

1964 Mobil Footy Photos

This was the first card set put out by the oil giants featuring WAFL The large-format cards (82mm x 134mm) were so popular among children – who would pick up a card when their parents filled up at a Mobil service. The first set featured five players from each of the eight WAFL clubs and were designed to be housed in an album.

1965 Mobil Footy Photos

Following on from the success of the 1964 Mobil set, the company issued another set of 40 over-sized cards in 1965. This time, the players were photographed in action shots at training. . It also had an album and, again, it was common for the cards to be glued into the album at the time.

1971 Mobil Footy Photos

Mobil re-entered the WAFL marked in 1971 with what has become the rarest of the three sets the company issued in the west. This set featured action shots of WAFL players. Again, each set also boasting 40 cards, issued for the season and an album in which to house the cards.