1966 Scanlens Sweets Cards

Scanlens decided in 1966 that they should include WAFL players in their set of 72 cards.  Strangely, Scanlens settled on two cards featuring a player each from Subiaco, Claremont, Perth and East Perth. Of those sides, only Claremont had played finals the previous season. Swan Districts, East Fremantle, West Perth and South Fremantle only got one card each.

2007 Scanlens Archives (Modern Re-Printing of 1966 Scanlens)

The original images used in the production of the 1966 Scanlens set of cards was discovered in mid-2007 and a plan was formulated to re-print those cards, including 10 players who were not included in the original run, and give some of the money to a foundation for former VFL players. But the release was not authorised and legal action followed.
Included in the new set were 72 cards which appeared exactly as they had in 1966 (on the front), plus the 10 new players and 2 checklists. There were also 82 cards featuring close-ups on the players (taken from the same raw images), plus some other cards.