Horrie Mercer and Hugh Leckie were two of the longest serving officials in the history of The Claremont Football Club acting in tandem as President and Secretary respectively from 1936 to 1949 and presided over one of the golden years of the Club.  They were stabilising influences during the heady years  1936 to 1940 and a strong link with the tradition of the Club especially during the war years when the senior players were prevented from playing and the competition was run for juniors.

Horrie because of his position of influence at the Claremont Hardware store Drabbles, was able to find employment for a number of players at the store which was only a few hundred metres from the Club.  This helped reinforce the connection between the business community of Claremont and the Club.

They were both known for presiding over an administration that was noted for its cohesion, professionalism and contributed in no small way to the establishment of the Claremont Football Club as a real force in the W.A.F.L.