D. G. “Gerry” Hooper replaced Ron Kyle as president half way through 1969.

Hooper saw his first role on taking the Presidency was to upgrade the facilities for both players and supporters.  He formed the building committee and work started almost immediately in extending the premises.  The poor accommodation had become so acute, the club had looked at the option of a move to Perry Lakes.  This suggestion so upset long time supporters and members of the committee it was abolished and the extensions were approved. Financially the club was very successful through this time with the opening of the new licensed premises.

During his time as President of the club, Dennis Marshall was the Coach of the league team and relations were not almost as harmonious as they could have been.

In 1972, the attendance of the AGM of more than 500 members was indicative of the concern of the open conflict between Hooper and Marshall.  Hooper was later deposed as president and replaced by E.W.H. “Harry” Milner.  Milner was also the mayor of Claremont at the same time as being President of Claremont Football Club.