Croner Trading Pty Ltd, WAFL Approved Claremont Club Mascots c1980 and c1982.
c1980 WAFL Club Mascots

The first set of mascots was released some time around 1980 and were made in Korea for Croner Trading Pty Ltd. They bear the WAFL logo that was in use from 1976-1981, making it reasonably easy to date them. These ones are much bigger than the later set, standing around 45cm tall. They are also able to stand on their own, having been fitted with metal rods inside their legs. Perhaps the easiest way to identify this set is by looking at the boots, which had white stripes on them. The later set (which was also smaller, at around 35cm, had yellow stripes on the boots).

c1982 WAFL Club Mascots
These mascots were made by Melbourne-based company Croner around the time the WAFL was at the peak of its marketing effort and can be dated as they still have the old W-style WAFL logo (which was used 1976-1981),   These mascots are about 35cm long but, unlike the earlier set, they are unable to stand of their own volition. In fact, they came with string loops on their heads, so they could be hung from a hook. Perhaps the quickest way to tell these apart from the earlier set is to look at the boots. These ones have yellow stripes on them, whereas the earlier set has white stripes.
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