Claremont Pewter Cups used as Presentation trophies and also the Cup presented to Geoff Blethyn

These cups were used by most if not all the WAFL Clubs and the small club Membership Badge was attached to the side of the cup.  These could be used for any reason by the Club as trophies etc.

One of the ways the Claremont Football Club has used these pewter cups is for when a player and his partner had a child.  The Club presented a cup to them with the name and year of birth.  In the cup shown you can see the name ‘Kian’ and ‘1973’ near the Claremont badge.  This was presented to Geoff Blethyn on the birth of his child Kian, in 1973.

Geoffrey Russell Blethyn  Played 33 games for Claremont between 1973 – 1975.

Geoff played for Essendon, Claremont and port Adelaide.