Claremont Cartoons from 1960s to 2010 by Rigby, Langoulant Marantz and others

1. Claremont and East Fremantle playing at Mt Barker as Tigers enter the ground and having a large crowd watching the game.

2. Cartoon from Front of Westside Football 1987 with Tiger slapping the lion.

3. 1982 Good Sports Cartoon by Marantz “I’d keep my feathers numbered if I was you”

4. 1981 Leahy Cartoon and Swan saying ” Well! That’s the last time she gets a saucer of milk from me” as the tiger strolls off.

5. 1965 Walsh’s cartoon a battered Tiger “Won’t somebody please say we couldn’t play like that again”, after Claremont lost first 4 games in 1965 after winning 1964 Premiership.

6. Rigby cartoon at the end of the Celebrations for winning the 1964 Grand Final.