Alan Mycock Photos, Caricature and Stories in the Claremont In-House Booklets.

Alan Mycock (Giant Ruckman) was one of the ‘Flying Tigers’ who were flown regularly from the Country (Kukerin) to play League Football for Claremont.  Claremont was the first Club to this and several other players were included in this flight and in the next 5 years a flight was never missed.

The inaugural Flying Tigers were Alan Mycock, Brian Fairclough and Des Leo.  Soon after, they also went to Katanning to collect Ian Brayshaw.   Vern Orr, the Gooding twins and others were also brought to Perth from the Country on these flights.

Other passengers at times were Peter Pianto, Jim Conway, Sonny Maffina, John McIntosh and Sonny Maffina.