2019, April 27, The Post, Story and photos “They fought and fought and won” and photo of the 1968 fourths winning the premiership and now photo from 2019. In 1968 the Claremont fourths won their premiership by a mile. The star studded football team of under 19s finished the season on top of the ladder and then beat Swan Districts 12.9 to 1.4 to win the premiership. The team was coached by “Sonny” Maffina and managed by Harold McKee. Recently they got together for the belated 50th re-union with Graham moss the MC and Stephen Scott providing a humorous speech.  Graham Moss won the fairest and best, Mike Malaxos played league for Claremont, won the Doug Carter trophy. Other trophy winners in 1968 were Bruce Teague who later played football for Claremont and John Ovens, Graham Moore and Keith Bower. One of the youngest players was Russell Reynolds, Peter grosser and Jack Spry who all played for Claremont and Colin Barnett went on to be Premier.