2016 Dad’s Army of Claremont Volunteers at the Showgrounds. Also 2018 Volunteers Xmas Party

Every Monday morning a group of between 30 to 40 older members of the Claremont Football Club attend at the Club and complete any work that needs to be done.  This could include moving furniture, Cleaning the Oval and emptying bins, washing windows or whatever duties the administration may require.  This group also includes several former players and is a great source of help for the Club.  Duties performed save the Administration from employing extra staff members or sub-contracting out work.  The money saved can then be put back into the Club for other necessary functions or players.

There is also an important second part of this group as it acts as an informal men’s club with the common denominator of being interested in Claremont and wanting to see it grow and be successful.  A morning tea is supplied to the group and at this time the members have a chance to talk and also speak to the Club Management and Coaching staff.

The three most important members are Shirley Medcalf, Beverley Gascoigne and Helen Rutherford. These ladies attend every Monday morning and prepare the morning tea and are heavily involved with the Club in other ways.  All three are part of the Women’s Auxiliary who work at Claremont home games preparing food and selling food or memorabilia.

The two groups are often there for duties other days of the week and are involved as statisticians, Past Players Association etc.