John O’ Connell and sons Peter, David and Michael O’Connell

John was a great player in the 50s and 60s, a coach of the reserves and assistant to the league side for many seasons and President of the Club.

Games played at Claremont below

John Edward O’Connell   Played 156 games from 1950 – 1963

David Gregory O’Connell  Played 107 games from 1984 – 1990  kicking 123 goals

Michael Bryant O’Connell Played  92 games  from 1982 – 1988 kicking 38 goals

John also played at Geelong, Michael at West Coast and David at West Coast and Fitzroy,

John played 10 state games for WA and one Victoria

David O’Çonnell 2 WA State Games