Russell Reynolds played 78 games for the Claremont Football Club between 1969 – 1972.

He played in the 4ths with Graham Moss in 1968 and both of them received immediate attention from the Club.  Moss was a gangly ruckman and Reynolds a sturdy half-forward and both became household names around Claremont in the near future.  Russell played a number of games with his brother Stephen (114 games 69-77) and the brothers added strength and physicality to the team.

Russell had been recruited to play with St. Kilda and played with them in 1973 – 1976.  He played 68 games and scored 30 goals with St. Kilda.

In 1977 Russell was seriously injured with St. Kilda and this aborted his anticipated return to Claremont and terminated his career.

The physical strength of the Claremont side received a boost with the addition of the Reynolds brothers, Russell, Wayne and Brad.  They were thwarted from joing the Maloney brothers as a family threesome playing together by the unfortunate injury to Russell’s leg on his return from St. Kilda.