Brian John ‘Frog’ Fairclough

Played between 1963 – 1971 for 119 games

In 1963 the ‘flying tigers’ developed where Claremont would fly players in for the games on Saturday from the Country.  The genesis for this was the bar of the Claremont Hotel where a group of officials and supporters were talking about the possibility of getting Alan Mycock to Perth and allowing him to his farming duties as well.  A throw away line from Alan White that “it would be great if we could fly him up” drew a response from Bill Boulden who said it was possible and he would arrange it.

With help from a number of groups and people, Alan White flew to Mycock’s property landing on a paddock.  These trips continued for a number of years and included Brian Fairclogh from Katanning, des Leo, Vern Orr and Ian Brayshaw.  In 1966 the farming duties resulted in the great quartet of Klune, Edwards, Mycock and Fairclough meant that they only completed 27 games between them for the year.

Brian ‘Frog’ Fairclough the speedy wingman of the 1964 Premiership team retired after playing only 3 games of the 1971 season.