1963 Games Played by Claremont League Players and those in Squad.

This graph was taken from the 1963 Annual report and shows all the players and the amount of games played that year and the totals played.


J. O’Connell, L. Mumme, D. Marshall, K. Mann, N. Roberts, J. Dethridge, L. Cook, W. Harvey, M. Kuhlman, P. Crisp, J. Rogers, K. Guard, P. Pianto, J. McIntosh, I. Fisher, J. Fairbrass, J. Tucker, I. Brayshaw, C. Hicks, J. Mann, M. Smart, A. Mycock, I. Brewer, B. Fairclough, B. Pianto, R. Dorn, G. Wilson, E. Kavanagh, K. Casey, W. Marshall, K. Horgan, M. McDermott, J. Hudson, A. McDermott, J. Parkinson.