1961 Daily News Claremont tinnies badge

Starting in 1960, the Daily News tried to draw in footy fans by offering a supporter’s item to readers each year. After launching in 1960 with oval-shaped sew-on cloth badges, the newspaper issued a set of eight tinnie badges in 1961. While the 1960 cloth badges were free with a coupon from the paper (provided you supplied sixpence of stamps for them to be mailed out), the 1961 tinnie badges cost sixpence apiece. You also had to pay postage of five pence for up to five badges. Up to a dozen badges would cost eight pence. Described as “gloss-finished” and “hard-wearing”, the badges were each about the size of a modern-day 50-cent piece and the newspaper was confident the badges would “last you through more seasons than just the one”. The coupon was published on April 7 – eight days out from the opening bouncedown for 1961.

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