1939 Ladies Auxillary Badge from the Mercer / Bridgeman Family


The badge belonged to Thelma Barton (nee Mercer) who was the eldest daughter of Horace W Mercer. Horace was President of Claremont Football Club during the late 1930’s and was awarded Life Membership in 1945. Thelma was born in 1919 and was a member of the Women’s Auxiliary when Horace was President.

The Mercer family lived in a large home on the corner of Princess Road and Doonan Road, in Nedlands. The home had a tennis court and Horace held functions for the club at his home. One such function was to entertain visiting players from the Collingwood Football Club, and I have been told that one of those players was Raymond Jones, who met his future wife at the function and subsequently moved to Perth and became a noted architect.

Horace’s second daughter, Joan, married CFC player Maurie Bridgwood during the war. Their son, John Bridgwood, played for CFC from 1969 to 1977.