1938 Claremont Premiership Dinner and Dance signed menu.  This menu is a copy from a private collection and is for the Premiership Dinner Dance held after the 1938 Premiership win.

Players Syd Moloney, Ian Grieve, William ‘Bill’ Sutherland, Stan Headon, William ‘Bill’ O’Neill, Noel Hunt, Jack Edmeades, George Moloney, Harold Lovegrove, James ‘Jim’  Reid, Arthur Huesler, Noel Gibson, Thomas Serjeant, Edward ‘Jack’ Reeves, ‘Johnny’  Compton, Fred Batt, Thorold Julian, Brendan Bermingham, Ken O’Reilly, Les Menhennet, ‘Jack’  Hooper, Frank Hopkins, Sammy Clarke,   Coach Johnny Leonard.

On the opposite page signed are Horrie Mercer, H. Leckie, F. Harris,   H. Morris, G.B. Smith, W.G. Packer, E. G. Woolcott, H. Naylor, J. Lemmon.

Also signed is A.S Byfield (Captain) W.A. 1938