July 25, 1931 Subiaco v Claremont-Cottesloe at Subiaco.

Marrons vanquish Monts.

Large article on “Tribute to Moloney”. A letter was received by Jpck Hamley the Claremont secretary from Ivan W. More the secretary of Geelong Football Club.  The letter stated with their deepest regret they pass on their regards for the serious injury to the Claremont-Cottesloe Captain/Coach Harold “Nugget” Gepp.  In the letter it went to state how important George Moloney had become to Geelong in the VFL.

Also an offer to bring Geelong to W.A. to play a game to show the respect they have for Moloney.

Also story on “Nuggett” gepp and the impact on the Club with him not playing.

Also note about Edward Morris and his fearsome game style made him a star for the Monts.