1928 Photograph of Swanbourne Football Club in the Perth Suburban Association.  Studio photograph of 18 players in football guernseys, boots and socks, two trainers in waistcoats, shirt and towels over their shoulders and four officials in suits, shirts and ties.

The Captain in the centre is holding a football inscribed S.F.C. 1928.

Back row: J. Stafford, E. Frank, F. Meek, N. Keast, W. Thompson, E. Howson, E. Brown,

2nd row: L. Stamp, F. Davey, C. Wightman, W. Bailey, S. Johnson, J. Reilly, J. Snowden, L. Butler, S. Taylor,

Front: E. Cowley(Chairman), H. Tate, W. Howse, D. Buchanan (VC), L. Tate (Capt.), Hi Wightman, W. Stainthorpe, E. Cunningham.

From Claremont Museum.