C1965 – 1967 WAFL Claremont Bobblehead Doll

Invented in Europe in the 1800s, the bobblehead are also known as a nodder or a wobbler. The WAFL Bobblehead jumpers tell us they weren’t made until at least 1964 because Claremont was wearing a jumper with the CFC monogram, which the Tigers only took up in 1964. Meanwhile, the Subiaco bobblehead features a jumper the Maroons last wore in 1967. So that effectively narrows the date of production to the period 1964-1967. The WAFL versions, which stand about 15cm tall, were either manufactured or imported by a company called Grizelle and occasionally a bobblehead turns up with the Grizelle sticker still on it. Though it must be said that the WAFL versions rarely turn up for sale these days. This is because they were fitted with a magnet, so that they could stand on the metal dashboard of the cars of the day. Potholes and speed humps spelled the end for many of these dolls.