2011 Annual Report – 1981 and 1991 Reunions.

Photos include :1. Tony Evans, Gerard Neesham, Brian Beresford, Phil Gilbert, Mark Hann, Jeremy Guard. 2. Adam Clark, Dale Kickett and Clinton Wolf. 3. Rob Malone and John Hutton. 4. Dale and Kathy Kickett. 5. Gerald Betts, Barry Beecroft, Graham Moss, Warren Ralph and Roger Barns. 6. 2011 Sandover Medal Dinner – Matt Orzel, Jake Murphy, Kane Mitchell, Clancy Rudeforth and Tom lee. Front: Ian Richardson, Luke Blackwell and Andrew Browne. 7. Helen Rutherford with St George’s bank mascot. 8. Luke Blackwell with his Paver, 9.  Luke and Kimberley, 10. Tony Evans in the crowd. 11. Breakfast with Guy McKenna and John Worsfold. 12 Plus 2 Photos from 1981 reunion.