1981 Ardmona Big League Claremont Carton  and Claremont WAFL Cards
Issued in 1981, these cards could only be obtained by collecting labels from Ardmona cans and sending them in, along with a small fee. In exchange, you received a dark blue box with your chosen team’s logo on it. Inside, were 33 cards – two that gave a brief history of the club and 31 cards featuring players and the coach. These were also issued for the VFL clubs, but the WAFL versions are much more difficult to find.
Photo 1: Actual Pack and some loose cards
Photo 2 :Players – Darrell Panizza and Dalton Gooding
Photo 3: Des Hindson, Graham Moss, Gerald Betts, Mark Watson, Ray Smith, Barry Beecroft, Wayne Blackwell, Kim Bevan and Tom Pearce.
Photo 4: Warren Ralph, Peter Jamieson, Brett Farmer, Robert Lawson, Joe Daby, Clayton Lewis, John Colreavy, Robbie Melville, Baden harper.
Photo 5: Noel Morton, Jim Krakouer, Herman Van de Beek, Phil Krakouer, brad Reynolds, Allen Daniels, Gary Shaw, Ian Kent and Michael Aitken