1961 Coca-Cola League Football Stars, Claremont Player Album and Cards with Captain Peter Pianto on Cover.

One of the most sought-after of the WAFL card sets, these were issued by the beverage giant back in 1961 and featured 24 players from each club on distinctive cards with red borders. There were eight albums (one for each club) and the captains were featured on the front of the albums. The cards, which measure 52mm x 78mm, were obtained by collecting a white token which was found under each Coca-Cola bottlecap, though it’s unclear how many cards were exchanged for each token. The comparative rarity of these cards today, along with the attractive design and the fact that 1961 was a very special year for WA football, make these highly collectable.
Players  Kerrin Guard, Kevin Clune, John Thornton, Barry Metcalfe, Ken Mann, Denis Marshall, Mort Kuhlmann, Wayne Harvey, John O’Connell, William Byron, Kevin Crowd, Neville Roberts, Les Boddington, John Tucker, Allan Stewart, Geoff Wilson, William Fleay, John Dethridge, Jeff Mann, Ron Morgan, Irwan Lewis.   Captain Peter Pianto on cover.