1955 Games played for year and for Claremont Total.

This graph taken from Claremont Annual report 1955 detailing all players on League Squad and what games played for 1955 and total played for Club.

Players:  K. Caporn, R. Briggs, N. Lee, D. Idle, P. Jago, P. Lushey, A. Rich, P. Kyle, P. Brady, G. Woodhouse, E. Carmody, K. Clune, P. Tunbridge,             L. Webb, J. Caffell, N. Roberts, J. Hyde, M. Gregg, B. McNamara, J. Foley,  G. Nelson, R. Oliver, D. Jones, R. Hall, K. Allsop, R. Gabrielson,                      R. Keenan, P. Birch, P. Evans, F. Jones, R. Arnold, D. Hogue, D. Soutar, M. Ward, C. Fradd, L. Johnston, B. Whitfield, N. McManus, L. Mumme,            R. Watters.